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From: John Smith
Subject: Favor Part 5"What the hell is that?"Sasha looked at me with one eyebrow raised. "Automatic scissors."I looked at what she was holding. It was a pair of scissors bandaged to a
pair of plastic legs with a motor bound between. "Don't look at me like
that," she said. "They work! You just wind them up..." (she cranked a
clover-shaped metal dial) "and let them go!"The scissors walked across her desk in a stilted swagger, the blades
snapping cheerfully at the air with each clunky step.I blinked my widened eyes. "Those seem perfect for small children."She nodded thoughtfully. "Maybe I should call them walking scissors," she
mumbled.The morning announcements crackled and it was impossible to talk over them. "So Emily, anything new today?" Kenny yelled."Oh there is lots of new news today, Kenny! For example, did you know that
the prom decoration theme is going to be FRANCE this year?""Yes," Kenny said."And did you know we are going to have a FONDU fountain?""Yes," Kenny said."And did you know we are going to have an inflatable EIFFEL TOWER
SLIDE?!?!""Yes," Kenny said."Well, no one else did!" Emily yelled. "So make sure you come to prom, or
you will be decidedly uncultured!""In later prom-related news," Kenny said, "the nominations for prom royalty
are in."Emily cleared her throat. "The nominees for prom king," she said, her
voice lowering, "are Steven Carmichael, John Mason, aaaaaand Charles
Animus!"Kevin continued, "And the nominees for prom queen are Emily Stanton.
Congratulations Emily!""Thank you Kevin! I am so proud.""Oh and also Meredith Mandle and Sasha Linelli," Kevin muttered.Sasha choked on her own breathe."Did he just say my name?" Sasha whispered."Yeah wow that's great Sasha!" I said."No it isn't! I wasn't going to go! Now a bunch of dumb boys I don't even
know are going to come up to me and ask me if I want to go with them.""Oh, I'm sure that isn't true. In fact, I heard Steven Carmichael is
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someone.""That's not funny, Jeremy. Even if he was not still `dating' Meredith and
I actually found him remotely attractive, he'd still be a terminal idiot
drowning in his own ego. Why the hell did people nominate me anyway?
Didn't anyone notice I am a psychotic weirdo?""One thing that's true about high school," I said, "is that in reality,
people don't ostracize each other for their behavior. They just care about
looks. In fact, ugly people get teased for doing the exact same things
that beautiful people get away with. So I guess what I am trying to say
is, it doesn't matter how weird you are, because it is what is on the
outside that counts."Sasha frowned. Before she could respond somebody standing behind us
cleared their throat. It was a shaggy boy, with dark features. "Hey,
Sasha," he whispered. "Wanna go to prom?""Do I even know you?" she asked."It doesn't matter. I know you."Sandra gave me the look. "I can't go. I'm sick.""With what?" he asked, smirking.She looked him dead in the eye. "Ebola."His eyes narrowed and he walked away.I couldn't believe our laughter stayed so quiet.I smiled, but it faded. "Wait," I said. "I thought prom queen was only
available to seniors? Aren't you a junior?""I'm graduating a year early. Didn't I tell you that already?""No! Now what the hell am I going to do for the next two years?"Sasha shrugged.***
"I need to get to class.""Well I need to talk to you.""Who are you?" I asked."I'm Emily.""From the morning announcements?" I asked."Yeah," she said. "Please it will just be a few seconds.""Fine," I said, turning to walk alongside her. "What?" I asked.Emily turned toward the elective wing. A catacomb of hallways few people
knew existed zigzagged between oddly shaped rooms designed for music,
stage, and athletics."I'm friends with Animal."She turned into a small empty room.I followed. "What is this place?""It's the room they use to test people's hearing," Emily said."They have a room for that?" I asked."It's also used for telling secrets," Emily said."I'm all ears," I said."Listen Jeremy I know I might sound preachy or judgmental or
something but is it true that you blew the Animal?""Uh maybe.""I heard that Animal was dating your best friend, Sasha, and then you
seduced his pants off while she waiting for him at her track meet.""Uh--""Is this typical behavior ten minutes after you meet a guy?""Not really," I said, my voice raising."So just the ones that are dating your friends.""It wasn't really like that," I said. "Sasha had this all schemed out.
She wanted to find out if he was gay.""Let me save you some time then," Emily said. "He's straight! The only
thing he likes about you is how easy you are to fuck."I bit my lip.She shook her head. cute young models lolitas "I don't know why I am bothering to protect you! If
your basketball coach found out about this, what do you think he would do?
Or your parents? I'm not designed to be silent you know.""Please, Emily. I'm not a bad person you got me all wrong.""I know that you wouldn't help Carmichael with his algebra homework."I coughed. "Now I have no idea what you are talking about."She laughed. "Steven told me that he asked you to help him with his
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you wouldn't do him that one small favor."I shook my head. "I don't think that was what he was asking for."She wrinkled her lips. "Well maybe he never got a chance to ask. He's not
that articulate really, but he knows when he is being made fun of. Is it
possible he thought you and Sasha were making fun of him and he lost his
nerve? Maybe he was afraid you would think he was stupid."I frowned. "I suppose that might be possible.""Look, Jeremy it is hard for me to protect you if you are going to bully
and ostracize a nice guy because you think he is stupid. I would be more
at peace if you gave Steven the help he needed then at least I can
justify keeping secrets from your coach and family. I know you can be a
good person, Jeremy."I sighed. "Where is Steven?""He has a release this period," she said. "But he spends it in the weight
Steven Carmichael stood shirtless, sweat dripping down 12 yo katya lolita
his magic lolitas top 100 tan, muscular
body. He inhaled loudly as he struggled to do another rep. Then he
noticed me."Hey," he said, his lip curling."Hey Steven," I said slowly."Come over here, man," he said. "Help me re-rack this weight."I walked hardcore lolita latina porn over, guiding the bar back to its place; Steven flexed beneath me,
his expressions contorting as his muscles shivered red."God, Steven!" I whimpered, "What are you bench-pressing?""225," he said."That's more than I weigh," I said."Yeah, I'd probably have more stamina if I was holding you."I sighed. "Emily said you needed help with your algebra homework?""Oh yeah," he said. "Follow me."He grabbed his backpack from where it was leaning against the wall and
walked toward the other side of the room. I followed. Then he dumped his
textbook and a few papers onto the wrestling mat."Help me man."I splayed down on the mat and scoured the papers. Steven stayed standing.
I found his homework, but I couldn't stories erotic kids lolita concentrate on it; he was looming
above me, one foot on each side of me; his thick, flexing thighs at face
level. He had his hands behind his head as he smirked. A thick coat of
sweat was running down his tanned arms, his chest nymphet pics lolita xxx "Aren't you coming down here?" I asked, gulping.He took a step forward, the clothed outline of his dick inches from my
lips. "That's your place. On the floor between my legs."I slammed his textbook onto the nearest floor. "I'm leaving."He grabbed me by the shoulders and slammed me down onto the wrestling mat.
I wasn't ready; he magic lolitas top 100 was so strong; he pinned my back to the spongy material
in an instant. He lingered above me, before brushing his head against my
cheek and leaning into my ear. "You promised Emily you would help me,
right Jeremy? Please Jeremy. Just help a guy out, man. Suck me."I heard Emily in my head. "I would be more at peace if you gave Steven the
help he needed then at least I can justify keeping secrets from your
coach and family."Steven kept whispering in my ear. "Please bitch." His stomach was warm
against me, flexing and wet. "Please I am so horny." He draped his thick
arms behind my head and I could smell his open pits. "Please drain my
heavy balls." He started dry humping me; I felt those straining balls, and
his big dick. "Please Jeremy. Please take care of me of my dick.
Please." His breathe grew heavy on my ear. "Cmon man." His grip
tightened; he started humping harder. "Please," he said, smacking his
lips. "Please."I pulled him back lightly by his hair, and we just looked into each other's
eyes. Big, brown, and warm. He leaned in slowly.I let him.He hugged me tight, his arms running up my back and grabbing my head; his
tongue played inside, sloppy and rough, keeping me wet. He broke the kiss,
pulling himself onto the adjacent bench. He sat in front of me, the folds
of his muscles carved in shadow. He flexed; his mouth and eyes half-open;
his hands unconsciously running down his work-out shorts, grasping at them,
dragging them down. His dick snapped up, precum dripping from the tip."Suck it," he whispered.I crawled on my knees across the mat. I lingered between his legs. His
dick looked huge as my face grew closer. I opened wide. My lips grazed
across his red, straining dickhead and he moaned."Oh my god, Jeremy."I swirled my tongue around, and precum ran freely from his dick."Oh yeah man."His dick had a heartbeat. I felt it beating against the sides of my mouth
as I drank him down."Fuck man! Oh, god yes!" he squealed. I tongued his shaft, swallowing
slowly.I bobbed slowly along his beating dick. I was drooling thick. He tasted
meaty almost spicy a mix of warm flesh and sweaty salts. His dick
wedged my throat open and I sucked it hard. He moaned so loud. Each leg
splayed wide to give me full access to his dick. I engulfed it to the
root."Fuck yes," he mumbled.His feet pattered against the floor as he tried to hold on. I ran my hands
down his flexing thighs and they melted."Would you--kiss my balls?" he asked softly.I lolita porn pics bbs pulled off and smiled. His balls hung low, stretching his hairy sack. I
slowly lapped between them. He squealed, writhing and shivering, his legs
kicking out wide."Oh yes," he whimpered. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes..."I straightened my back, rising to the height of his abs. I nibbled against
the tough muscle, swallowing more of that tangy sweat."Oh fuck," he said, grabbing my head, and pushing it back down to his dick.
"I'm I'm coming!"I opened my mouth; his dick clicked; I could see it contracting; pearly cum
shooting.I stuck my tongue out, catching it all.I closed my eyes and swallowed everything that flew or dripped. The rest
ran down my face."Shit man," Steven whispered. "That was the best fucking blow job I've
ever had, if you know what I mean."He rubbed my hair and I flashed a half-smile.
The door to the weight room whined open."What the fuck is this?"Oh shit.Animal.He glared at us, his eyes wide. He shook his head, turned, and walked out."Fuck," I whispered. I grabbed Steven's algebra homework and used it to
wipe the cum off my face. I got to my feet and sprinted after Animal."Animal please," I yelled.He turned to face me. "What?" he yelled. "I get it, Jeremy! You would
rather be with Steven. You tried to tell me. I just wouldn't listen.""No, Animal--""Goddam it Jeremy! What are you doing to me? Making me fall in love with
you, telling me you loved me what bullshit! Do you know how hard it was
to admit how I felt for you?"My eyes were wide. I could feel the hot tears stinging."I'm sorry, Charles," I whispered."Yeah, me too. Sorry anything ever happened between us. Have a great
life, Jeremy.""Charles," I said softly."By hardcore lolita latina porn all means, go tend to your lover," Charles said. "Oh and by the
way his cum is still on your chin."He turned and walked away. My legs weren't stable enough to follow.
Instead, I wobbled to floor and cried.
-------------------------Want Jeremy to end up with Steven? Want Jeremy to end up with someone
else? Want to tell me something random? Throw me a line: Feedback greatly appreciated.
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